Copeland’s of New Orleans – Atlanta: 15 Years in the Making

Copelands15YearIn 1998, Copeland’s of New Orleans – Atlanta franchise was just starting out, but now in 2013 we are excited to celebrate our 15th Anniversary with all of our guests! The celebration will be in three parts (every month from now until our true anniversary date!). For the first part of our celebration we are bringing back the National Cheesecake Day promotion that everyone loved so much! All day on Tuesday, October 15 we will be offering buy one, get one free offers on our delicious cheesecakes to celebrate the first installment of our 15th Anniversary!

If you are excited for our 15th Anniversary cheesecake day, then you are really going to be excited for what we have in store for Friday, November 15. I’ll give you a hint…its in honor of New Orleans’ most famous holiday…MARDI GRAS! We will be hosting a Mini Mardi Gras celebration for the second installment of our anniversary celebration. We’ll have food and drink features as well as a Live Jazz Band.

The third, and probably most exciting, installment of our celebration is the December celebration, which is the true 15th Anniversary. On December 2, 1998 Copeland’s Restaurant opened its Cumberland location doors for the first time! Now 15 years later we are having a party to celebrate! Keep in touch for more details through our Loyal Customer Club.

Be on the look out for upcoming details for our Mini Mardi Gras and Anniversary Party! See you on October 15 for our special anniversary cheesecake day!


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