Copeland’s Preferred Guest Club – One of the Best Around!


If you want to join one of the top guest clubs in Atlanta, take a look at Copeland’s! They have one of the most popular preferred guest clubs because they make it a priority! With 25,000 guests, it is their goal to provide their preferred guests with all the latest news, promotions, and specials at Copeland’s year round.

Copeland’s began their Loyal Customer Club in 2000 by gathering the names and emails of their biggest fans. “We needed a way to communicate and make offers to our biggest fans that we can’t make to the general public”, said CEO Bill Goudey. Since 2000, Copeland’s has been dedicated to serving their preferred guest club by utilizing email to provide them with birthday and anniversary gifts, buy one get one free offers, and all the latest news about Copeland’s in Atlanta. “We are proud that so many invite us into their inbox every month to see what is going on and to take advantage of our offers we reserve for this exclusive group”, said CEO Bill Goudey.

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Copeland’s also prides itself on the integrity of the company. One thing you can be sure of is the security of your privacy. Copeland’s makes sure to reassure guests of the privacy policy and the commitment to keep all information confidential and used only for the Copeland’s preferred guest club. CEO Bill Goudey tells his guests, “We are committed to our guests’ privacy and take their confidence in sharing their personal e-mail addresses with us very seriously.”

It has been 13 years since Copeland’s started the Preferred Guest Club and it has already grown to over 25,000 guests! Obviously Copeland’s is doing something right. They consistently make guests feel welcomed and appreciated; No wonder so many people sign up for more! Come visit Copeland’s of Atlanta and check out the Preferred Guest Club for an even greater experience the next time you visit- you won’t be disappointed!



Copeland’s Hosts Brunch Benefit for CURE Childhood Cancer

Glen Helmstetter, Managing Partner at Copeland’s, Kristin Connor, Executive Director of CURE, April Voris, President of CURE and BIll Goudey, CEO of Copeland’s Atlanta.

Grand Total: $1429.40

Raised for CURE Childhood Cancer

Saturday, March 31, a buffet brunch at Copeland’s Cumberland and Kennesaw locations drew over 467 people. We donated 20% of all proceeds to CURE as well as other donations from people like you! Since October 2011, CURE and Copeland’s Atlanta have had a corporate partnership which includes benefit events, serving lunches for holidays and other events at Children’s wards of Scottish Rite and Egleston hospitals.

We asked our CEO of Copeland’s Atlanta, Bill Goudey, what makes him so dedicated to this cause and he says, “Seeing your own kids that you are caring for and hoping that they never have to go through that.” Bill has two young children, and says that a dedication to the families as a whole is what makes him motivated to help. His mother and father both passed away from cancer and on a larger level, in memory of their founder Al Copeland, Copeland’s started the Al Copeland Foundation in 2008 after he lost his battle to cancer. The common goal to fund cancer research has given Copeland’s and CURE an even stronger bond. Goudey hopes that Copeland’s and CURE have a relationship until a cure is found.

Please Help us Support CURE

For more information on how you can help CURE please visit

Start a Holiday Ritual with Copeland’s!

I love the winter holidays and the rituals they bring. The minute I feel a chill in the air I want to start a blazing fire in the hearth and I crave my wife’s gingerbread cookies. I think that familiar shift in seasons and people’s preparation for the holidays stir up a lot of highly anticipated rituals and wintertime cravings.

Each year around this time we see a lot of “holiday regulars” treating themselves to something they anticipate, a reward of sorts for juggling their families and careers so well all year long!

We see the giggling girlfriends out on their annual shopping trips, old friends catching some reprieve in a relaxing atmosphere, and office crowds enjoying holiday luncheon celebrations to escape for a moment the stress of year-end quotas. It seems the excitement in the air beacons them to the familiar sights and flavors they can only find at Copeland’s.

We get to know these familiar groups and feel like we are an important part of their experience. I know they come back time and again because our Buckhead, Cumberland, and Kennesaw locations are so convenient to holiday shopping and the office parks, and our staff comes to treat our customers as friends and family. And I think our mouth-watering Cajun cuisine is food for the soul this time of year amidst the rain and chill and holiday rush.

I’d like to invite you to come in with your friends or co-workers to let us treat you to the atmosphere and meal you deserve. I know when I choose a place to dine with others, I have to be cognizant of allergies, food preferences, and the level of spice in the menu selections so everyone has a satisfactory experience. You’ll find that Copeland’s menu is surprisingly diverse and that even the most finicky of eaters will find a number of delicious choices that don’t contain a hint of spice or Creole flair, but are still served brimming with succulent flavor. We know we can provide everyone at your table with a dish they’ll rave about!

And, sure, we can send you home with a whole pie or cheesecake from our bakery to save you time in the grocery store and kitchen. So pull up a chair and stay awhile. We’ve got you covered from your casual lunch out, all the way to catering your most formal dinner party of the season. We want to help you do it all!

What holiday rituals do you enjoy? We’d love to hear from you!

The Stealing Game

Each year, my side of the family holds an early Christmas celebration. We do this so everyone can attend without having to “choose sides” each holiday. And every year the adults participate in a gift exchange. Each person brings one gift and we play “the stealing game,” swapping presents strategically, trying to end up with our favorite at the end of the game.

This year, we have a “rules change” due to the Copeland’s gift card I always bring. Now, a gift can only be “stolen” three times and it is no longer eligible to be taken away from the third person that “captures” it. My family implemented this rule because the game would never end due to the “traveling Copeland’s card” that made it from one person to another all night long!

I think the final straw came last year when our cousin and sister-in-law got in a lively discussion about who wanted the gift card more and kept prompting their husbands to steal the gift card back on their behalves.

After a few rounds, my brother-in-law refused to steal the Copeland’s card and took the last gift under the tree, thereby ending the game. The look my sister-in-law gave him was unmistakable, but the gift he chose was from my wife, and was another Copeland’s gift card! We knew how popular it was so we each chose it as our gift that year. The evening went on with merriment and the two did laugh and make up. I know my sister-in-law is using hers to order our Party Pans with Green Beans with Ham, Macaroni and Cheese, and the Penthouse Salad. It’ll save her oven and refrigerator space on the big day and take a lot of hassle out of cooking for such a big crowd. Our cousin on the other hand, intends to use it after the holidays to treat herself and her family to the New Orleans Jazz Brunch Buffet as a “made it through another round of holidays” present to themselves.

I love giving the gift everyone loves to receive. It tickles me that after years of holiday misses, I have finally found something people truly enjoy and appreciate. This year, I’m placing it in a big box weighted down with something to throw the gift shakers, maybe a re-gifted Snuggie® or something that they’d never guess was a Copeland’s gift card in disguise. I can’t wait to show up with the prized gift. Let the games begin!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given or received? Did you know Copeland’s gift

Now That’s What I Call a Perfect Blend!

I don’t claim any particular season as my favorite. Spring, summer, autumn, winter–they all convey such categorical expectations. I actually love those times in-between, like this late-summer/early fall weather we have been experiencing. It looks like summer outside but Mother Nature throws us those cool and refreshing undertones of Fall, a perfect blend of Summer and early Fall, or “Sumerall” if you will.

I’ll admit, it’s a stretch, and a wacky name at that, but it really does blend the best of both seasons into one tell-tale word. That’s exactly how I feel about our Turducken. Can you guess what it is? It’s actually an unexpected marriage of a succulent, boneless duck, nestled inside a boneless chicken and then placed inside a boneless turkey. The three poultries are then surrounded by layers of our spicy andouille sausage and stuffed with Copeland’s delicious cornbread stuffing.

Maybe you’ve heard of Turduckens by mail order. Let me tell you, that is sacrilege in our industry! Creating a masterpiece like a Turducken and then giving it the deep freeze for months on end, only to have customers receive a raw, freezer-burnt mess?

No way would we do that to you! If you request shipment, we can do that for you. But rest assured, we create each one fresh to order, when you order it so there is no mass production or months on end in some remote storage freezer.  That’s why we are an order-ahead operation. We custom make each Turducken or Cajun Turkey just for you so when you arrive at Copelands, you receive a delectable, steaming sensation, perfectly cooked (Or freshly cooked then cooled for travel) and ready to grace the table as the grand masterpiece of any occasion.

And speaking of occasions, you really don’t need one to order our famous Turducken or our Deep-Fried Cajun Turkey. In fact, these bring a superb flare to office luncheons and ordinary weekday dinners. I would encourage you to give one a try before the holidays and then choose your favorite for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. The Turducken has a zesty, Cajun flare, and the Deep-Fried Cajun Turkey is a little milder for those who may not desire as much Cajun flare.

Hey, on this go-around in life, I like to enjoy the moments between moments (and the chicken between the duck and turkey) with easy, stress-free and delicious meals. When I get to spend time with my family after a long day at work, I don’t want my wife spending hours on prep and clean up in the kitchen, but I would like to enjoy a fine meal together. So you can imagine in our household my wife and kids are always wondering when dad will bring home the next Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey or Turducken for a delectable surprise.

And with side items to boot, we have lunches covered with terrific left-overs for the rest of the week. I think you would be downright surprised by all of the fabulous side dishes Copeland’s offers. If you glance at our menu at, you’ll see the possibilities ranging from Green Beans with Ham to Creole Corn and Red Hot Mashed Potatoes to Praline Cheesecakes.

I’m just an ordinary guy, but my family sure acts like I’m a hero when I walk in with a Turducken in hand. It makes an otherwise everyday meal pretty extraordinary in our household!

What about you? Which pre-prepared meal items are a hit at your house? And how often do you take the burden off dinner prep and order something in?

Put a Cork in It!

Picture it:
You’ve just ordered an amazing bottle of wine with dinner. You want to order another but know you and your dining companion won’t be able to finish it off. In simpler times you would have just corked the remainder and taken it with you…

Well guess what? The Georgia General Assembly has passed State Bill 55, or “Merlot to Go” which now allows you to do just that! Merlot to Go allows your server to reseal any partially consumed bottle of wine that was enjoyed with food on Copeland’s premises and send it with you to go. Your end of the bargain is just to keep it in a closed compartment of your vehicle (like the trunk) on the way home. Fair enough for the opportunity to savor that divine wine as a nightcap when you arrive home!

We’re excited by this on so many levels. First, we think it makes for safer drivers. No longer will our guests feel that internal pressure to polish off the bottle of wine for the sake of not wasting it.

Next, in celebration of this new freedom, we are running a promotion to introduce our diners to a wonderful array of specially-chosen wines to pair with the masterful flavors coming out of our kitchen. Our chefs, the finest culinary connoisseurs in the business, are very particular about your food experience and have painstakingly surveyed countless bottles of wine to find the best accompaniments to your dining choices. (Not a job any of us would mind having, right?)

Our servers will be able to suggest the perfect accompaniment for your dinner choices. We have a wonderfully stocked wine selection with the favorites you know and love, and some little-known discoveries that will make your palette sing.

Join us on Tuesdays as we extend a special offer and bring you 1/2 price bottles of wine with absolutely no exclusions! Our guests love being able to sample something out of the ordinary and this is the perfect way to try that bottle you’ve been eying or heard so much about or simply order your favorite at an incredible price!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on “Merlot to Go.” Will you be more apt to order a bottle of wine knowing that we can now bundle it up with your leftovers to enjoy again at home?

Falling into the Smooth Groove with Jazzy Fridays at Copeland’s

Friday. Few words in the English dictionary conjure up as much excitement in people as the word Friday. Think about it. When you hear the word Friday, what do you think of? If you are like most, you think “Time off,” “Family time,” “Time to relax,” “Time to play,” “Time to get paid,” and “Getting to do what I want to do.” Just the mere mention of the word Friday is enough to help us make it past hump day and through the rest of the week. After all, no one says “Thank God it’s Monday” do they? Of course not! Who actually looks forward to going back to work?

At Copeland’s, we understand how important the weekend is. You spent the last five days commuting an hour to work to sit in a cube for eight hours while dealing with your cube mate’s drama, office politics, and your boss who for some reason is never happy. Friday after all is the start to the weekend.

Though my “Friday” is not actually on a Friday, I too enjoy some down time with my family and the opportunity to unwind after a long week. Quite often, I look for something to do to “kick start” my weekend.

One of the things my wife and I enjoy together is music. Atlanta is actually nationally known for its recording studios and offers some of the best live musicians in the country. After years of keeping up with the music scene and finding out who was playing where, and dealing with long lines and even longer drive times, I decided there had to be an easier way. So, I brought the music to Copeland’s. Yes, that is one of the perks of having a restaurant.

My goal in bringing in jazz musicians was to create a relaxing, fun, and casual vibe. I want people to be able to come in and let their hair down, to experience the best LIVE New Orleans-style Jazz around. For those of you who’ve been to the French Quarter, you know the feeling. For those of you who haven’t, Whew! You’ve got to get a taste of the sites and sounds of Bourbon Street in your own backyard; it’s truly an experience like no other.

If you’re looking to take the wife out and unwind for the evening, I’ve created an easy fix to the dilemma of where to go. Offering LIVE jazz music helps couples avoid hopping around from one place to another to experience a fulfilling date night. We offer cocktail hours, appetizers and an extensive dinner menu topped off with a gourmet dessert bistro. Our full cocktail menu and $5 Martinis and Apps make livin’ easy. I love being at Copeland’s on Jazzy Friday nights. It may not be the end of my workweek, but the guests sure give off that cool vibe I love to be around.

I’m thinking the only thing better than Friday is a payday Friday. Till the next time, eat well, drink often and enjoy your Friday!