Copeland’s Preferred Guest Club – One of the Best Around!


If you want to join one of the top guest clubs in Atlanta, take a look at Copeland’s! They have one of the most popular preferred guest clubs because they make it a priority! With 25,000 guests, it is their goal to provide their preferred guests with all the latest news, promotions, and specials at Copeland’s year round.

Copeland’s began their Loyal Customer Club in 2000 by gathering the names and emails of their biggest fans. “We needed a way to communicate and make offers to our biggest fans that we can’t make to the general public”, said CEO Bill Goudey. Since 2000, Copeland’s has been dedicated to serving their preferred guest club by utilizing email to provide them with birthday and anniversary gifts, buy one get one free offers, and all the latest news about Copeland’s in Atlanta. “We are proud that so many invite us into their inbox every month to see what is going on and to take advantage of our offers we reserve for this exclusive group”, said CEO Bill Goudey.

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Copeland’s also prides itself on the integrity of the company. One thing you can be sure of is the security of your privacy. Copeland’s makes sure to reassure guests of the privacy policy and the commitment to keep all information confidential and used only for the Copeland’s preferred guest club. CEO Bill Goudey tells his guests, “We are committed to our guests’ privacy and take their confidence in sharing their personal e-mail addresses with us very seriously.”

It has been 13 years since Copeland’s started the Preferred Guest Club and it has already grown to over 25,000 guests! Obviously Copeland’s is doing something right. They consistently make guests feel welcomed and appreciated; No wonder so many people sign up for more! Come visit Copeland’s of Atlanta and check out the Preferred Guest Club for an even greater experience the next time you visit- you won’t be disappointed!



Meet Glen Helmstetter, managing partner of Copeland of New Orleans—Atlanta Franchise

Meet Glen Helmstetter, managing partner of Copeland of New Orleans—Atlanta Franchise—One of the People Who Makes Copeland’s a Special Place.

“You either love the restaurant business or it chews you up” says Glen Helmstetter, Managing Partner with Copeland’s of New Orleans Atlanta Franchise. With 30 plus years in the business, it is apparent that he loves the business. “Like most people who are lifers in this industry I started out young and at the bottom washing dishes when I was 14 years old at a neighborhood seafood restaurant in New Orleans.” It didn’t take long for him to find his niche in the business, “I loved the atmosphere of being where everyone was. happy and having a good time, the camaraderie of the staff was big influence to me”

When Thornings Seafood Restaurant closed its doors, it had a profound impact on the 20 year old who had spent 6 years working every aspect of the business. “I loved that restaurant and when the owners decided to close I thought I had no options”–until a fateful drive and he saw a sign for a soon to open restaurant named Copeland’s of New Orleans on the Westbank of New Orleans. “I had done everything at Thornings except wait on the tables- the managers insisted that I apply for server- had no idea how much I would enjoy serving tables and the energy that could be produced in a large restaurant.” He met a couple of important people at Copeland’s, “On the opening team where my wife Amanda and my partner Bill Goudey, I liked them both very much at the time but had no idea how important they would be to me 30 years later!”

He left Copeland’s and opened a restaurant of his own in Algiers- “The folks who opened Thornings after a while closed down and I decided to buy it and open it back up as Captain’s Cove, it was a scary exciting experience but I loved every minute of it”. A fateful meeting one late afternoon would change his life forever. “I had opened up and was doing anything we could to get business in, a banker friend of mine suggested I join the Kiwainis club that was forming at the time. They met at 7:00am on Thursdays which was not a great hour for me being that I worked a ton of nights. The first meeting I attended I was at a Shoney’s close to my restaurant, they were outgrowing the room and where looking for a more permanent home- I was shocked when someone said- how about Glen’s place- I reluctantly agreed but it was the best thing I ever did- it changed my life. My restaurant had more exposure than ever and my business picked up a great deal right after I started hosting the meetings. One day my future wife walked in, she was marketing manager for Shoneys in New Orleans and came to check out the competition that had stolen the Kiwanis Club from one of her stores. Amanda and I noticed each other as soon as she walked in the door, we had dinner the next night and have been together ever since. I am so grateful I didn’t have the nerve to tell the Kiwanis that they couldn’t have their meetings at my restaurant.

Copeland’s Hosts Brunch Benefit for CURE Childhood Cancer

Glen Helmstetter, Managing Partner at Copeland’s, Kristin Connor, Executive Director of CURE, April Voris, President of CURE and BIll Goudey, CEO of Copeland’s Atlanta.

Grand Total: $1429.40

Raised for CURE Childhood Cancer

Saturday, March 31, a buffet brunch at Copeland’s Cumberland and Kennesaw locations drew over 467 people. We donated 20% of all proceeds to CURE as well as other donations from people like you! Since October 2011, CURE and Copeland’s Atlanta have had a corporate partnership which includes benefit events, serving lunches for holidays and other events at Children’s wards of Scottish Rite and Egleston hospitals.

We asked our CEO of Copeland’s Atlanta, Bill Goudey, what makes him so dedicated to this cause and he says, “Seeing your own kids that you are caring for and hoping that they never have to go through that.” Bill has two young children, and says that a dedication to the families as a whole is what makes him motivated to help. His mother and father both passed away from cancer and on a larger level, in memory of their founder Al Copeland, Copeland’s started the Al Copeland Foundation in 2008 after he lost his battle to cancer. The common goal to fund cancer research has given Copeland’s and CURE an even stronger bond. Goudey hopes that Copeland’s and CURE have a relationship until a cure is found.

Please Help us Support CURE

For more information on how you can help CURE please visit


Atlanta has been in the mother natures icebox for several months now and it seems like South Louisiana is in the same boat. I could spend this whole blog talking about why I want the weather to warm up but one of the main reasons is for those tasty little creatures that inhabit the swamps of South Louisiana to start moving around so they can be caught. Mid January every year I go on “Crawfish Alert”.

I make a couple phone calls every week to the purveyors we use in Louisiana and have gotten the same answer- very scarce right now but soon. AH soon, I can’t wait- I don’t get my official Crawfish Jones until mid February but I am ready to see some more movement now.

I don’t think that there is an official crawfish season but there are certain milestones in every year for the crawfish.

1.   The first crawfish of the season in Louisiana- This has already happened but does us no good in Atlanta as all are sold locally. Sometimes this can happen as soon as New Year, generally it is right after New Year. The price is very expensive, the supply is limited and the crawfish are really small.

2.   Plentiful Supply- This happens every year in mid February (this is when we are targeting getting the crawfish for Copeland’s in Atlanta) The price stays high but at least they are available.

3.   Good Supply and Price goes down- This is after Mardi Gras and before Easter- You will see some price spikes around the holidays (big demand at these times) but the crawfish has a good size and price is going to settle down if it is a normal season.

4.   Lowest price of the year- My favorite time, right after Mothers Day- Crawfish are large, price is good and basically unlimited supply!!

5.   It gets to hot and crawfish get hard- When summer sets it and the sun beats on the ponds and swamps all day the crawfish start to get hard and tough to eat.

I am thinking that mid February we will have Hot Boiled Crawfish on Fridays at all 3 Atlanta Copeland’s but stayed tuned and we will update you. Until then, get your propane tanks and burners ready- They are almost here!!

What is your favorite seasonal food??

Thanks to Bobby and All of America’s Heroes

The first half of the first year of the new decade has flown by and we are on the cusp of the Fourth of July. I used to think about Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and the rest of our Founding Fathers when July 4th rolled around. Not anymore.

I will still watch a ton of History Channel programs the next few days, try and get some facts about the Revolutionary War that I didn’t know before, but it won’t be my main thought. My main thought will be the young Men and Women who are serving our military overseas and are in harms way. My main thought will be with my nephew Bobby and the other heroes who are keeping our freedom secured right now.

I turned 18 in 1981 when the military was not needed in this country. I was happy to go register for the selective service but had no intention of joining any branch of the military. I went to the University of New Orleans, worked in restaurants and planned the rest of my life. I had no idea what it meant to lay your life on the line for your country or how anxious family members of the young men and women overseas feel every day that their loved ones are in harms way.

That all changed when my Brother Roy’s oldest son, Bobby, decided to join the Marines in 2005. Bobby was 22 or so when he decided to join The Marines. He signed up before Hurrican Katrina and went into basic training during the aftermath of the storm.

When I found out that he was going into the Marines I had my doubts. I worked with him doing catering and restaurant work long enough to know that he was very observant but questioned every decision made that affected him. This trait led to him loosing a job with Louisiana Power and Light over who should get repair service first. I didn’t think this was a good fit for him to join The United States Marine Corps!!

Bobby was the oldest person in his Basic Training Class and he prospered. He seemed to take to The Marines like a duck to water. I spoke to him a couple of times and he was transformed into a new person, into a Marine!!

Bobby has served several tours overseas and has come back fairly unscathed either physically or mentally each time. I think he may be a lifer. He loves it …he loves being a Marine, he loves our Country and he loves serving to keep us free and safe.

Bobby and his wife Katie spent a night with us in Atlanta a couple of years ago when they were on their way to New Orleans from North Carolina, I was amazed at his war stories, told not in a braggadocios manner, but in a calm matter of fact manner that indicated he would prefer not to share those experiences but did so out of respect for his uncle who was fascinated by them.

When Sunday comes around and I head for Copeland’s in Buckhead to work our Brunch, my thoughts will be with all of brave young men and women who are serving to keep us safe and free. I will go with my family to the Duluth City Fireworks on Saturday and to the Atlanta Braves game on Sunday with a great fireworks display after the game. I will look at my children and know that for now its a great show to them, but in time they’ll better understand why the fireworks are really going off.

We live in a free country but that freedom comes at a price in both physical loss and mental anguish for  the members of the military and their families. Take a moment this July 4th to think about all we have as a country, how God has truly blessed us like he has no country in the history of the planet. Then thank the next young man or young woman you see who is serving in our military. They truly make our country the “home of the brave”.

Happy July 4th!!

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Celebration at Copeland’s Atlanta

Living in New Orleans, The Saints have permeated every aspect of life from the time I can remember. In 1980, as a sophomore in High School, I watched every game that was on TV and listened to the others on radio, even as the Saints plunged to 0-14.  It is amazing the detail that I can remember.

Saints vs. Jets, the only national TV game the Saints would play that year. As I watched the snow falling on the TV my father just shook his head that I was living and dying with every play of an 0-14 team. Truth be told, he was watching and pulling as hard as I was for the Saints to win at least one game in the horrible season, he just wouldn’t admit it.

I didn’t understand at the time how being responsible for a family, having a job (he was on the New Orleans Police Department) tempers the degree that you can feel hurt or feel joy with your sports team, but my Father was as happy as I was after that game. We loved to watch the games together. The first and only argument I can remember my parents having in front of me was about me staying up late to watch Monday Night Football. My Mom wanted me in bed for 9:00pm, My Father wanted me to stay up and watch whatever game was on that week.

The highlight of the game was the halftime show, where week after week we were vindicated in our hate of Howard Cosell as he would either not show the Saints highlights or show them with slanted commentary against the Saints. If you have no idea what I am talking about you are under 40!! (This was before ESPN, NFL Network and Direct TV NFL Package)

The argument that my Mom and Dad had over my bedtime led to the first Man to Man talk with my Father. He told me that I could stay up as late as I wanted but I had to be ready for school and couldn’t miss even if I had a 110F fever. I thought it was a fair deal, and usually went to bed after my Father and I yelled at Howard Cossell during halftime anyway!!

My Father died in 1986 and he never got to see the Saints in a playoff game much less a Super Bowl. I don’t know how he would have reacted to last season outwardly, but what I do know is that he would have enjoyed it and I would have enjoyed sharing it with him.

We went to a ton of games together, he was in charge of the Traffic Division of the NOPD and he had access to tickets on a pretty regular basis. Going to the games was magical for me, it still is to this day.

As I entered college, and my brother became family men, it was harder for the entire family to spend time together. Watching the Saints play was the one thing that we all did together, My Mom, Dad, 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters. The Saints still bond us together

My wife and kids got sucked up into the season last year due in large part to Copeland’s in Cumberland showing the games in the 120” big screen TV and several hundred other Who Dat’s going crazy. My 7 year old Daughter Grace wrote in her journal after one of the first games about the Who Dat chant, she didn’t understand it but she understood that it was done out of pure exuberance and joy!!

As the final seconds of the clock ticked off during the last Superbowl at least half of the Saints fans at Copeland’s were in tears. Its hard to control 40+ years of pent up frustration, disappointment, and at times bafflement. The Saints didn’t just lose a lot of games during those 40 years, but they found numerous ways to snatch defeat out of Victories jaws.

On that wonderful Super Bowl night it all changed as the Saints snatched victory this time. One of the biggest plays was the call to start the second half off with an onside kick. A move that was more likely to turn sour instead came up sweet thanks to the tenacious efforts of Chris Reiss, an Atlanta native. The rest is history that Saints fans will relish. Say what you want about the Saint’s first 40 years, but the second 40 will include the words Super Bowl Champions.

We are going to relive The 2009 New Orleans Saints Championship Season on Saturday June 26th at 1:00pm. We will be joined by Chris Reis from the Saints, whose parents were regulars at our Cumberland location every Sunday last year. I can’t wait to see everyone who shared last year with us, to relive the highlights and look forward to the 2010 Saints.

I wish My Dad was still alive to see us replaying Saints games, because I bet the gruff old Policeman, who was very jaded, would still have a tear in his eye every time he saw Tracy Porter get to the end zone pointing to the Who Dats loosing their minds in the stands!!

What is your favorite Saints Moment? …Who Dat!

Glen Helmstetter is a partner in Copeland’s Atlanta and a native of New Orleans where he was raised on shrimp, crawfish, and the New Orleans Saints.

The Martini, The Coolest Drink Ever Mixed Behind the Bar

Sean Connery ordering the drink that conveys the perfect blend of glamour, style and wit in one of the coolest scenes in cinema. The martini glass is cool, the olive or onion sitting in the clear concoction is cool. The martini, hands down is the coolest drink ever mixed behind any bar. There is not a ton about alcohol that is All American but the martini is, even though the British want to lay claim to the drink, I think it is fair to say this is an American creation with all due respect to James Bond!!

The modern day martini is one part gin and one part dry vermouth, but the origins and different recipes are varied indeed. Martinez California is believed by some to be the birthplace of the martini, a miner came into the bar of Julio Richelieu in 1870 with a bag full of gold and a taste for something other than whisky. As any good bartender would do Julio mixed up a blend of gin, vermouth orange and bitters along with an olive, voila the Martinez!! If you are in New York the story is a little different, John D. Rockefeller would frequent the Knickerbocker Hotel and wanted something a little different so the bartender (looking for a tip from Mr. Rockefeller I suspect) Martini di Arma di Taggia came up with his version, London Dry Gin, dry vermouth, bitters, lemon peel and one olive. Whether or not this is the true origin of the martini one thing I feel confident of is that this wass the beginning of the 3 martini lunch!!

Where congress has killed the 3 martini lunch no one can stop the evolution of the martini and the fact that it is still the coolest drink going!! A quick look at the martini menu at Copeland’s in Atlanta shows this evolution in a major way- just a sampling of our offerings are the Cosmopolitan (my wife’s favorite), First Kiss, Lemon Head, Woo Woo, and the Orangina. We even have dessert martinis Banana Banchee, The Mochatini and The Key Lime Pie. I almost forgot, The Copeland’s Classic Martini with your choice shaken or stirred, dirty or dry, perfect or sweet!! Come in any Friday and enjoy our $5.00 Martini Menu at any Atlanta area Copeland’s along with $5.00 appetizers and great Jazz Music. (another American invention!!)

What is your favorite Martini?