Saints Season 2013 at Copeland’s Atlanta: A Season of RedemSEAN


Calling all Saints fans! We will be watching EVERY Saints game here at Copeland’s (yes, including the untelevised games!) and we really hope you can join us!

Try to contain your excitement for the 2013 season. As many of you already know, this year marks the return of Coach Sean Payton. After being suspended for “Bounty Gate,” Coach Payton is sure to return in style and take the Saints all the way to another shot at the Super Bowl in February 2014 in New York City.


Bill Goudey, CEO of Copeland’s of New Orleans in Atlanta, said “We love bringing New Orleans to Atlanta; we do it with food and ambiance throughout the year. To be able to bring Saints football to Copeland’s is very special.”

Make us your home away from home with the Saints 2013 season! Our Cumberland location (Saints Headquarters in Atlanta) is proud to be hosting our 7th season of New Orleans Saints football. Thank you to all of you who kicked off the season with us for our rival the Atlanta Falcons, on Sunday, September 8 (which I am pleased to say was a satisfying victory!). Come out and be a part of the action with great food and drink specials, our New Orleans Live Jazz Sunday Brunch Buffet and our 100-inch HD Projection Screen TV!

Mark your calendars for our next match up on Sunday, September 15 at 4 p.m. against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Never forget a game by downloading the Saints 2013-2014 season calendar!


Bringing Mom Back into the Holiday Celebration

Good ‘ol Mom! She used to prepare us the best Thanksgiving feast in America. Her turkey was so moist and tender, and her green beans made it into my belly even if I was bursting at the seams. Her smile was golden, her laughter infectious, and her pies—store boughten? I remember seeing the bakery box in the trash can, and then looking over at my mom who was happily chatting with my cousins. This was one smart woman. She had pulled off Thanksgiving without breaking herself in the process, and we were none the wiser.

I like to think Copeland’s is a well-kept secret for a lot of moms out there. Our deep-fried Cajun turkeys and gourmet Turduckens have made it to plenty of tables—with their containers hidden deep in the trash as smiling hostesses enjoy accolades from their guests.

I know planning for the holidays can be stressful all around, and I think it’s fair to say that most of us have had to contrive harder this year to be mindful of our expenditures. My wife has found some ingenious ways to save our family money, and I know that her job on top of keeping the house stocked and clean, the family fed, and the kids (and me!) on track is harder this year than in years past. One thing I’m going to do this year is make sure she enjoys the holidays with the rest of the family. It’s easy to forget that just because she’s present at the holiday celebrations, that she really doesn’t get a chance to relax and enjoy the occasion as much as the rest of us do.

She acts as the chef, cook, pourer, plate re-filler, clearer, washer, and clean-up person charged with making sure everything arrives at the table hot and delicious. It’s really no day off for her while playing hostess to dozens of relatives and a houseful of kids.

So this year as part of my gift to her, I am going to give her back a true holiday experience. Admittedly, I have some behind the scenes help and a pretty good view of our menu at Copeland’s making it pretty simple for me to order our family’s favorites to go. But now Copeland’s has made it even easier on your family to order up your holiday feasts as well. Our customers can order right off our menus in the restaurant, phone in their order, or order their faves online at

I’m happy to know we help holidays run smoothly and give moms the break they deserve. I chuckle when I hear our customers tell us how they deep-six our containers, or “the evidence” as one customer puts it, far from the eyes of their guests. Believe me, I understand. After all, presenting food to others is how so many cultures express their love!

A lot of our friends and guests are shifting the focus back to the dinner table and family interaction over the holidays. What are some things you are doing to get back to basics in your household? Are there things you’re doing differently this holiday season?